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Welcome to Rah Dog Designs!


We are two Marine Veterans who decided to make designs that highlight life in service.  Our inspiration stems from experiences that we have had in the Marines but we also try to encompass jokes and situations that will be relevant to all branches of service. We have all shared the frustrations of the VA or had a drill instructor who claimed to be our real Daddy, some even enjoy a crayon in the morning with our coffee but that’s what makes our time in the service unforgettable.

The veteran community is saturated with apparel companies capitalizing on military motivation, corny slogans, and graphic designs large enough to wrap a truck.  We relive our time in service a little differently at Rah Dog.  War is hell, but our best memories were forged in the margins, where self-deprecating—often inappropriate—humor reigned supreme.  When the seriousness of the mission was complete, laughter was our backbone.  Sure, Jodi visited your wife…but did you see the latest shitter art? 

In a world where life and death hung in the balance daily, finding a way to forget it all became mission essential.  We just never let that go, and we’re sure our designs will help you recapture the moments that got you through it all.  

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